• Your social worker makes sure you are looked after well and that you get all the help you need. Social workers must decide with others what’s best for you. They must always listen to you and take your views seriously.
  • Your independent reviewing officer must make sure your feelings and views are known and taken into account. Independent reviewing officers must take action if they think a council is not doing what is best for a child or young person, or if they think your human rights have been broken.
  • Your advocate is there to make sure you are properly listened to. Advocates are separate from the council, your social worker and your IRO. Their job is to help you put across what YOU think and feel is best for you. Advocates know about the law and can help you protect your rights, including by making a complaint. Advocates can also put you in touch with a lawyer to help solve a problem.

If you click on the box below, you’ll get the contact details for advocacy services in different parts of England.

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No matter who they work for, advocates must always act only for children and young people, and never be swayed or influenced by the council.

If you cannot get hold of an advocate where you live, you could try contacting one of the three helplines listed below.


Care Advice Line

Coram Voice

Always Heard – the National Advocacy Safety Net and Advice service for children and young people in care, leaving care or needing help from children’s services.

If you contact Always Heard they will make sure that you get an advocate who will support you.

Freephone: 0808 800 5792 (you won’t be charged for this call)
Text & WhatsApp: 07758 670 369
Email: help@coramvoice.org.uk

IMPORTANT: The Always Heard team will provide you with advice, support you to access your local advocacy service, and provide you with an advocate if your local service cannot help.

NYAS Helpline
  • Telephone number: 0808 808 1001 (you won’t be charged for this call)
  • Email: help@nyas.net

You can also contact Help At Hand at the Children’s Commissioner for England’s office.

As a person with rights, you should always be respected and listened to.