We are very grateful to the following children and young people who gave expert advice on the content and design of our site:

  • Aidan
  • Bailey Newsome
  • Bayley
  • Caitlin Briggs
  • Curtis Kenneth
  • Daniel
  • Ethan Mitchell
  • Finlay
  • Harris Hussain
  • Harvey Bissell
  • Imogen Voysey
  • J
  • James
  • James Galland
  • JK Phillip Noble
  • Leila
  • Lisa
  • Luke G
  • Michael Fernandes
  • Mufaro Dondo
  • Paul
  • Preston Branston
  • Raj
  • Renato
  • Stevie
  • Swidda 8
  • Thomas
  • Tom
  • Tommy
  • Twana Karim
  • Tyrese
  • Unicorn Faye
  • Zino

and others who didn’t want your names listed here. Your expert advice was equally brilliant.

Special credit
  • We are extremely grateful to students from Rookery School, Lincolnshire Secure Unit, who created the prototype for the ‘Your life, your feelings’ icon. Excellent!
  • Special credit also goes to students at William Henry Smith School who selected the icons for ‘Where you live’, ‘When things are difficult’ and ‘Moving and leaving’. Great choices!
  • Young people in Cookham Wood young offender institution said our site’s name should immediately communicate what it’s about. One of you suggested rights4children, which is what we went with. Thank you!
Adults who helped

Our massive thanks to two adults who gave fantastic help over many months:

  • Wayne Allert, senior residential social care worker at William Henry Smith School
  • Wayne Woodhead, ICT and science teacher at Rookery School, Lincolnshire Secure Unit

Article 39 is very grateful to all the other adults and places who kindly helped us, including:

  • 200 Fairways, Gateshead
  • Bridge View, Bideford
  • Cookham Wood Young Offender Institution
  • David Akinsanya
  • Haq Ismail
  • Ian Dickson
  • Independent Children’s Homes Association
  • Jenny Molloy
  • John Drew
  • Jo McFarlane
  • Medway Secure Training Centre
  • Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Phoenix Learning and Care, Barnstaple
  • Professor Mike Stein, University of York
  • Professor Ray Arthur, University of Northumbria
  • Tara Flood
  • The Pines, St Albans
  • YoungMinds

None of this work would have been possible without funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Bromley Trust. THANK YOU!