There are many different reasons why children and young people live in group settings, including:

  • Things might be difficult at home.
  • You might be poorly.
  • You might be living away for educational reasons.
  • You may be locked up for crime or immigration reasons.

Whatever the reason you are living away from home, you never lose your right to family life.

If you need help with your rights, please go to the Getting help part of our site.
Your rights - general

When decisions are being made about whether or not you can go home, for a short time or forever, your happiness and safety will be the top priorities. Your feelings and views must always be taken into account.

You should be offered help to settle back with your family if you have been away a long time. It is normal to find things strange or to feel a bit left out when you first go back home.

If you cannot live with your family again as a child, your local council is under a duty to do its very best to find you a new family and home.

Some children and young people unable to live with their parents prefer not to live with another family. A children’s home or a residential school could be the very best place for them to be looked after.

Your wishes and feelings are very important, so please speak with your social worker or another trusted adult. Always let him or her know about any worries you have, and any help you need.

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